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Launched in 2003, Vartha Bharathi took a very short span of time to emerge as the genuine voice of the kannadigas around the Globe. With its unparalleled commitment to the value based journalism and its total resolve to spread the truth at any cost has made it the favorite voice of all the sections and segments of people across castes, creeds, religions and cultures.

Today, Vartha Bharathi is being published from Bangalore and Mangalore- the two most prominent centers of Karnataka. The Bangalore Edition has a formidable presence not only in the entire cosmopolitan city but also in over 15 Districts around it. The Mangalore edition is quite popular in the entire  Coastal region and in all the neighboring  Districts too.

Complete and unbiased news coverage in a simple and lucid language language, path breaking  special stories, eye opening editorials, refreshing articles, attractive page layouts,  superb printing and of course, the courage to tell every truth in whole, have made Vartha Bharathi  a totally alternative Kannada Daily.

Today Vartha Bharathi is the largest circulated Kannada Daily in the Gulf region. The state Economy has immense gains from the income generated by the huge number of Kannadigas active in the Gulf. Advertising in Vaartha Bharathi is obviously the most effective way of reaching the homes and rooms of this community of Gulf Kannadigas. The popularity of Vartha Bharathi, with the families of Gulf Kannadigas works quite effective in turning their decision making process in favour of the advertisers.

Vaartha Bhaarathi is widely admired for its outstanding policy with regard to advertisements. It has always rejected every advertisement that involves anything immoral, obscene or harmful to the society. Obviously these self imposed moral restrictions have reduced the volume of advertisements in Vaartha Bhaarathi, but at the same time they have added great value to the advertisements carried by it.

Hearty welcome to you as an esteemed advertiser in Vaartha Bharathi, the voice of the masses- the choice of the people.

  M'lore B'lore M'lore+B'lore
Color 125 125 225
B/w 100 100 175
  M'lore B'lore M'lore+B'lore
Color 100 100 175
B/w 80 80 150
  M'lore B'lore M'lore+B'lore
Color - - -
B/w 75 75 125
(not applicable for Political ads)
  M'lore B'lore M'lore+B'lore
Front 100 100 200
Back 80 80 150
Inner(B/w) 60 65 125
EAR PANEL (Size: 4.5cm X 7.5cm)
(Package rates are negotioable)
  M'lore B'lore M'lore+B'lore
Color 2000 1750 3000
B/w 1500 1500 2500
POINTER ADS (Size: 8cm X 4cm)
(Package rates are negotiable)
  M'lore B'lore M'lore+B'lore
Front 2500 2000 4000
Back 2000 1750 3000
Inner(B/w) 1500 1250 2000
Mangalore 20 per word
Bangalore 25 per word
Mangalore + Bangalore 30 per word
Classified Display Ads
Rs.40 per sq.cm (100% extra for both edition)
Front 100
Back 80
Inner(B/w) 60


  1. Contents of all advertisement copies shall be strictly subject to the approval of the Management which reserves the right to accept, reject or suspend the publication of any advertisement without assigning any reason.
  2. When particular advertisements are scheduled for specific dates, best effort is made to ensure that the advertisements shall, as far as possible, appear on the dates specified, but no such guarantee is implied in the acceptance of an order.
  3. Advertisement material meant for publication must reach the newspaper office, at least 2 days prior to the agreed date of insertion.
  4. If an advertisement could not be published on the same date as agreed due to delay in receipt of the release order, text or any other reason beyond the control of the management, the management reserves the right to insert the advertisement in the immediately next issue.
  5. It is always not possible to ensure the precise space stipulated for an advertisement, owing to technical difficulties. The variation up to centimeters (excess or shortage) will be disregarded in our bills and no claim will be entertained for a shortage unless it exceeds the stipulated limits.
  6. The managements shall not be held responsible for the loss or damage to the advertising material (art work etc.) while caused in transit or in the process of printing.
  7. No bill will be cancelled or any deduction made in the advertisements bill on account of alleged defective insertion or errors in composition or bad print which shall be made good as far as possible , by a correct insertion in a subsequent issue .
  8. Non receipt of voucher copy shall not be held as sufficient cause for withholding payment.

    1. *Non commercial advertisement: Court notice, Wedding photos, obituary, Death, Situation vacant, Missing, Wishes, Tender Notice…..etc.

      Note : All cheques and drafts should be draw in favor of : VAARTHA BHARATHI, payable at Mangalore / Bangalore . Advertisements bills must be paid in advance. In case of accredited agencies,  terms of payment will be according to INS rules.


Page size: 55cmx35cm           Print Area: 50cmx33cm
No. of columns: 8                     Column width: 3.9cm
Column Length: 50cm

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Nellikai Road, Mangalore-575001
Mangalore, South India
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